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 We accept ALL fuel assistance/LIHEAP programs from RI & MA:

 Citizens for Citizens, Inc. (MA)     http://cfcinc.org/history/fuel-assistance/

 East Bay Community Action Program (RI)  http://www.ebcap.org/ProgramsServices/HeatingandEnergy/tabid/157/Default.aspx

CAPP [Providence] https://www.cappri.org/programs/low-income-home-energy-assistance-program-liheap-

BVCAP [Blackstone Valley CAP] http://bvcap.org/energy-weatherization/

 Salvation Army "Good Neighbor Fund"     http://www.massresources.org/good-neighbor.html

"Will-Call" / *C.O.D.* deliveries: Customers who choose to call us when a delivery of oil is needed (a 24 hour notice is required).  We  recommend that customers call for oil when they have NO LESS than 1/4 of a tank (between 1/2 - 1/4 is suggested.)   A 100 gallon minimum is also required to receive our regular discounted price.  Our * C.O.D.* pricing (typically 5 cents less per gallon) is based on Cash or Check only payments at the time of delivery.  We do accept Visa & MasterCard credit/debit cards for your convenience at our regular discounted price.  [Sorry - *C.O.D.* pricing is not available with credit/debit card payments.]

"Will-Call" / 5-day credit authorization deliveries Customers who choose to call us for a delivery of oil when needed but do not plan to be home to pay "C.O.D." (or do not want to "leave" payment for the driver to collect) and prefer to pay within 5-business days by either check/credit/debit card.   A 100 gallon minimum is required for all "Will-Call" deliveries.   {ǂ This plan requires credit approval}


"Automatic Delivery":  Don't worry about having to check your oil tank to make sure you have enough oil or forgetting to call in for a delivery!  Let E & V Oil Co., Inc, protect you and your home against loss of heat due to an empty oil tank.  We schedule deliveries according to our computerized "Degree Day" system.  You will be protected against "run-outs" and still enjoy our discounted oil prices - at NO extra charge!  This plan includes the 5-day payment authorization.    {ǂ This plan requires credit approval}


"Budget Plan":   Customers who prefer to pay a "fixed" amount every month no matter how much oil is delivered at any given time - or instead of having to only purchase 100 gallons at a time for financial reasons.  Our budget plan is based on your average annual fuel usage (600 - 800+ gallons) spread out over 10 months (12 months if usage is in excess of 900+ gallons a year). Budget payments help to keep your cost as low as possible in many ways:  Not only by having a convenient "set" payment amount every month so there is no surprise excessive bill due at the time of the delivery (ex: 200 gallons at today's market prices can cost upwards of $650.00+!)  It would be much more affordable to only have to pay [approx.] $300.00 a month than to have to pay $650.00 within 5 business days from the delivery date.  As long as payments are current/on-time, you don't have to worry about being home to wait for your delivery to pay "C.O.D".  Budget plans typically start in April/May so as to create a credit balance to deliver oil against and avoid any large balance at the end of the season/year.    [* "fixed" amounts are based on your calculated oil usage & estimated price per gallon for the year - it is NOT a "lock in" price for oil.]    {ǂ This plan requires credit approval}


If you are interested in signing up for any of our plans please give us a call (or visit us) and we will send you a "Welcome Package" which includes all of the above information plus a copy of the current Service Contract and all necessary forms to be filled out.  Due to the sensitivity of the information needed for most of the above plans (credit/private information) we do not have online forms to be filled out for security reasons.
Areas we service (S.E. MA & RI):   Rehoboth, Seekonk, Somerset, Swansea, No./So.Attleboro, Dighton, ** (RI):   Barrington, Bristol, Warren, E.Providence, Riverside, Rumford, Providence, Cranston, Johnston, Pawtucket.

 * ​Delivery Services & Payment Options:  * 
At ​E & V Oil we offer multiple delivery service & payment options to fit your individual needs.   
We offer only PREMIUM home heating oil: